Hi! I’m Alice – Founder of Healing from Broken Relationships…….

I am a single mum of 2 amazing, loving and supportive teenage boys.
I love meditating, yoga, yummy food, music, dancing and laughing – in a nutshell – LIFE!
I haven’t always had a love for life. Over the years I have suffered from anxiety, low moods, post-natal depression and a broken marriage, however, over the last few years I have been on an amazing healing journey. Discovering meditation has been absolutely phenomenal! I have used many different methods, therapies and daily routines to heal myself – studying them, participating in them and discovering what works for me as an individual. I continue to grow, evolve and heal every day. I live my purpose, discover new and exciting passions and I am an amazing role model for my children.

The work I do now, is to empower and support women from broken relationships/marriages.  Helping them to heal and transform their lives by incorporating different self-healing techniques, tailored meditations and affirmations to suit their individual needs. I help them to re/build their self worth and self confidence by first learning to love themselves, to remove any past trauma that is stuck within the body and to be the true warrior they were meant to be.